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About Me

My father owned a photography studio when I was about 6 years old. I don't know if this had an impact on me being a photographer today, but I vividly remember being very impressed by the "magic" way photographs were created. I was born in Creteil (France), outskirt of Paris; raised and educated between Africa and Europe.
Being a photographer has never been my goal. I always wanted to be a filmmaker. I end up doing both which make sense since these two occupations are linked in many ways. Growing up in Africa and Europe tremendously shaped my vision of the world. "The Motherland" formed my view on humility, simplicity, spirituality and mostly respect of nature. "The old continent" taught me the real meaning of being an artist. While my intellectual needs were nurtured by Europe, my emotional and artistic needs were and continue to be influenced by Africa.
Photojournalism is the form of photography that is the most appealing to me. Even though I take many posed photographs, I still believe they simply cannot capture genuine and unique moments. When people are being themselves and unaware of the camera, they are excellent subjects to photograph. Pictures are a speculative interpretation of reality. Ultimately it's the viewer's reading that creates a world of emotion that goes Beyond Photography. I don't intellectualize the act itself of creating photographs. My eye and my inner artistic "juice" guide me most of the time. Every photographer uses framing, lighting and perspective when he creates. I'm not an exception.
My sessions are very laid back in a serene atmosphere. My vision of photography is "organic". I need to connect with the subjects that I photograph on a spiritual, intellectual and emotional level. We produce photographs for the world to see. In that sense photography is a triangular synergy: the photographer, the subject and the viewer. Photography is the mystical interaction of those 3 elements. People's soul is invisible to any camera lens but a great deal of skills, patience and talent can freeze incredible moments in form of photographs.